What is the role of low nitrogen burner?

 News     |      2023-06-07 11:20
low nitrogen burner
Burner is to make fuel and air in a certain way ejected mixed (or mixed ejected) combustion device collectively. At present, the boiler combustion is very popular, the following Xiaobian to take you to understand.
By combining low nitrogen burner technology with other major measures, nitrogen removal efficiency is effectively achieved. Boiler and burner technology uses heat to produce hot water and steam. During combustion, nitrous oxide (nitrogen) and nitrogen dioxide are produced as byproducts. These pollutants can trigger harmful reactions that lead to acid rain and ozone.
It can make pulverized coal produce high temperature eddy current in a short time. It has the advantages of combustion, high heat utilization rate, smoke and dust removal, energy saving, improving working conditions, reducing labor intensity and so on. It is an ideal product for energy saving and environmental protection. Pulverized coal burners are suitable for various annealing furnaces, metal heating furnaces, quenching furnaces, precision casting shell furnaces, melting furnaces, forging furnaces and other heating furnaces. A device that allows pulverized coal to burn sufficiently in a short period of time to produce high temperature eddy currents.
The burner ensures that the pulverized coal gas flow into the furnace can be rapidly and stably ignited and burned, the supply of reasonable secondary wind, so that it and the primary wind energy mix well in time to ensure the higher combustion efficiency, the flame in the furnace full degree is better, and will not impact the wall to avoid coalesce, slag better combustion applicability and load regulation range, flow resistance is less, less pollutant generation.
After the transformation of low nitrogen combustion technology, there are more problems in the increase of temperature reduction water of boiler superheater, because the pulverized coal combustion process is prolonged and the exhaust air is used, the flue gas temperature of furnace outlet rises. At the same time, the furnace temperature drops, the furnace water wall radiation heat absorption decreases, the heat absorption share of convection heating surface increases, resulting in the superheater temperature reduction water increase.

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