How to start a natural gas burner in operation

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nature gas burner
Natural gas burner is one of the important combustion devices for natural gas.
According to the ignition manipulation method of the burner: single-stage fire burner, Two-stage burner, Proportional adjustment burner.

Let's take a look at how to start the operation of natural gas burner together

  A. Power main switch closed, thermostat closed, the power supply system working voltage to do the motor running value, centrifugal fan motor access to work. Centrifugal fan tunnel ventilation, carry out before blowing. For the burner equipped with an intake valve to operate the AC servo motor, the AC servo motor is connected, the intake valve is opened to the corresponding part of the secondary fire, and the centrifugal fan that has been used tunnels ventilation to the engine combustion chamber to complete the front blowing.
  B. After the blowing is completed, the air inlet valve returns to the first-class fire part, the ignition transformer runs for three seconds, the first-class fire ignition valve and the valve opens at the same time. The burner gradually funds into operation. (The total flow controller can set the total flow of natural material during operation in advance.)
start the natural gas burner
  C. After the flame occurs, the fire detector detects the flame and carries out the whole process of lighting. (If no flame occurs, the first-level valve opens about 2 seconds after all the equipment into the security lock situation, press the calibration button to make the device open, and then carry out the post-blowing.)
  D. After carrying out the actual operation of the first-class fire setting, turn off the burner, access the second-class fire thermostat power circuit, access the main power switch, restart the burner, and prepare in advance to adjust the second-class fire.
  E. Close the main power switch and device power switch, the burner fire, fully automatic into the second level of flame situation, followed by observation of the flame look, according to the need to adjust the total flow of gas and natural material.
Fire sight glass
  F. When the temperature or working pressure of the steam boiler exceeds the preset value in the second stage thermostat or pressure controller, then the second stage thermostat or pressure controller is disconnected, the second stage flame stops running and only the first stage flame is operating, if the temperature. If the operating pressure still exceeds the rated value, the furnace thermostat breaks off and the burner stops operating. On the contrary, if the second stage flame stops running after the furnace temperature. Working pressure is less than the preset value, then the second stage flame burns again.
  G. During operation. Operation operation process, all a stage after a problem, are caused by the burner to stop working, only after the fault detection can be restarted.


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