Aluminium melting furnace burner

 Regenerative Burner     |      2021-05-11 16:23
Regenerative furnace burner
The regenerative burner can heat the room temperature air in a very short time. The high-temperature air combustion of the regenerative aluminum alloy melting furnace changes the traditional combustion method. It adopts the flue gas recirculation method or the direct injection combustion method in the fuel furnace. The combustion-supporting air passing through the ceramic honeycomb body is preheated to above 1000°C, injected into the furnace at an appropriate speed, and mixed with the combustion products in the furnace under the action of high-speed air entrainment and stirring, and 21% of the oxygen in the air is diluted. Combustion in fluids with low oxygen concentration (minimum 5% to 6.5%), combustion in high temperature air conditions can achieve low air coefficient combustion and reduce aluminum oxidation burnout.
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