The difference between light oil burners and heavy oil burners

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There are many types of burners, depending on the fuel, they can be divided into gas burners, oil burners, biomass pellet burners, pulverized coal burners and so on. This time we will talk about the classification and application of oil burners.
Oil burners are mainly divided into light oil burners and heavy oil burners, here we mianly talk about what is light oil and heavy oil, and their differences.

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What is the difference between heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil?

What is heavy oil?
Heavy oil is a highly viscous crude oil with a higher density or specific gravity than lighter crude oils. Heavy oils evaporate slowly and contain materials that will be used to make heavy products such as asphalt.
What is light oil?
Light oil refers to naphtha, which used to be a fraction with a boiling point higher than gasoline and lower than kerosene. Light oil requires less processing than heavy oil and is mostly used to produce gasoline and diesel.

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Price comparison of the two fuels:

Relatively speaking, light crude oil is usually more expensive than heavy crude oil because it requires fewer processing steps to produce higher value products such as gasoline and diesel.
So what is the difference between a light oil burner and a heavy oil burner?

Structural differences:

Heavy oil burners require natural gas for ignition, so they also require some of the ignition system of a gas burner. The heavy oil is viscous and needs to be heated in advance, so it will have an additional heating tank than the light oil burner.

Price difference:

If you refer to the heavy oil burner machine itself alone, the heavy oil burner is more expensive than the light oil burner because the heavy oil burner needs to add an additional gas burner ignition system in addition to its own combustion system. Due to the high viscosity of heavy oil, it needs to be heated before combustion to improve the combustion efficiency, which increases part of the cost.

Application Difference:

The main consideration for many people when choosing between these two types of burners is the cost and ease of use. In a large factory, where the daily fuel consumption is a big expense because the machines are constantly running, choosing a heavy oil burner can save a lot of money in such a large consumption factory. If it is only used in small stores such as daily baking and pastry, it is recommended to choose light oil burner, which is more convenient, clean and environmental friendly.

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