Pulverized coal coke biomass pellet burner in brick factory

 Multi Channel Burner     |      2023-06-05 13:48
coal coke biomass brick burner

Brick Firing system with Coal Burner

Brick Coal Burner is the energy-saving, efficient and simple system which used for burning system of Hoffman Kiln and Tunnel Kiln in brick & tile industry

Main feature of pulverized coal coke biomass pellet burner:

1, full combustion of pulverized coal, low energy consumption per unit of product;
2, product color uniform, high strength products;
3, the combustion system can be automatic control, to achieve precise control of the kiln temperature;

Advantages of Pulverized coal coke biomass pellet burner:

 1. Automatic Control : 

The combustion system can achieve automatic control, to achieve accurate control of the kiln temperature, temperature uniformity

 2. Excellent Firing Quality

The product color IS uniform, high strength products

 3. Well-distribution of temperature, low energy consumption of product, environment friendly. 

Coal Burner is very burning efficient, which not only save fuel cost, but also product less pollution. So, coal burner is also
environment friendly solution.

 4. Uniformed color, good appearance, high strength. Wide adoption of decoration bricks and insulation blocks.

The well-control of temperature makes sure of the high and suitable firing temperature, which can produce good looking as well as
high strength bricks.


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