Reasons and solutions of burner ignition failure

 News     |      2023-07-10 13:35
Burner is a kind of equipment that converts substances into heat energy through combustion.The fuel is mainly fuel oil and gas, generally used in small and medium-sized oil or gas boilers. 
Users in the process of using the burner, often encountered the problem is that the burner does not fire. 
How to deal with this situation? BNTET burner manufacturers tell you how to find the cause and the correct way to deal with it.

Take the oil burner as an example. Lgnition failure how to deal with:

1. Check whether the reset button of the burner program controller lights up the red light (also called the siren).

If the light is not lit, check whether the power is connected, the power is normal, the alarm light is on, press the reset button for 1 second to release. The burner does not operate, the red light subsides but soon becomes red again, it may be a problem with the flame detection system, although the oil burner is not on fire, but the program controller received the interference signal thought the flame has been constituted, the reason may be the burner leakage, photoelectric eye damage short circuit, photoelectric eye signal line short circuit, etc.

2. The burner's damper opening is too large and the fire chimney baffle opening is too large

Constituting too much air into the furnace, in this case, the burner is not easy to light. The treatment method is: the burner's damper opening and chimney baffle opening is adjusted to a smaller degree, after the fire is lit, then the damper and baffle are adjusted to the appropriate opening.

3.Improper adjustment of fuel pressure

When the fuel oil pressure is greater than the atomized steam pressure, the burner is not easy to ignite.
The solution is to adjust the fuel pressure to about 98KPa lower than the atomized steam pressure.
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