Performance characteristics of blast furnace gas burner

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Blast furnace gas burner is a low calorific value gas burner independently developed and produced by our company. Homologous gas is used for ignition and combustion. Let's take a look at the advantages of blast furnace gas burners
blast furnace gas burner
Performance characteristics of blast furnace gas burner:
The air distribution system of the burner has two types of forced air supply and low negative pressure induced air frequency conversion adjustment for users to choose, with sufficient combustion and high flame intensity. The gas required for ignition is the same source gas as the burner. Fully automatic operation.
Frequency conversion PLC automatic control, blast furnace gas burner automatic ignition, stage fire combustion. Automatic flame tracking detection, pressure detection, high and low pressure protection, temperature control, flameout, pressure overrun alarm, automatic purge before startup, automatic purge after shutdown and failure. Safe and reliable. Simple installation, convenient operation, good self-control performance. Energy saving and environmental protection.
Blast furnace gas burner instructions:
Open the main control valve, start air supply, start the control button, open the second stage valves in sequence, and check the pressure switch, if the valve group is normal. There is no leakage point, the fan is started, the damper is fully opened, and the pre-purge is performed. After the purge is completed, the damper is automatically closed, the first-stage air supply valve is opened, and the air supply starts, and the first-stage air regulating valve is manually adjusted. The opening is from small to large, the ignition needle is ignited, and it burns for a while.
After the flame detector detects the ignition signal, the second-stage valve opens to supply air, and the opening of the damper increases. Supply air to the second stage. The burner starts working. When there is a problem with the leak point detection or there is no signal in the fire inspection, the burner will automatically alarm. The gas supply valve is closed at the same time, and the damper is fully opened for purging. The system shuts down automatically after purging. Perform troubleshooting. After troubleshooting, reboot. To shut down, press the stop button.
The second-stage valve and the first-stage valve are closed sequentially, the damper is fully opened, and automatic post-purge is performed. After the purge is completed, the fan is turned off, the system is shut down, and the main control valve is closed.
The above is all the advantages of blast furnace gas burners. If you want to know more, you can continue to pay attention to BNTET burners.

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