Regenerative incinerator burner

 Regenerative Burner     |      2021-05-11 16:36
Regenerative incinerator burner
Regenerative burner heats the room temperature air in a very short time. After the heated high temperature air enters the furnace, it entrains the flue gas of the surrounding furnace to form a thin oxygen-poor high-temperature air stream with an oxygen content of much less than 21%.
Fuel is injected near the thin, high-temperature air, and the fuel is burnt in the oxygen-lean (2%-20%) state. At the same time, the hot flue gas after combustion in the furnace is evacuated through another regenerative burner, and the sensible heat of the high-temperature flue gas is stored in another regenerative burner.
The reversing valve with low operating temperature is switched at a certain frequency, and the commonly used switching cycle is 30 to 200 seconds. The two regenerative burners are in the alternate working state of heat storage and heat release, so as to achieve the purpose of energy saving.
Because the regenerative combustion system has good furnace temperature uniformity, small furnace temperature fluctuations, and no problems such as excessive concentration of high temperature areas and flame erosion on the workpiece, it has a wide range of applications.
At present, it has been in large and medium-sized push-type and walking-type steel rolling heating furnaces, soaking furnaces, bell heat treatment furnaces, radiant tube gas carburizing furnaces, ladle baking furnaces, glass melting furnaces, aluminum melting furnaces, forging furnaces and other industrial furnaces
Used on. Whether it is a furnace with a regenerative burner or a regenerative industrial furnace, it is relatively stable and reliable in actual operation.


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