How to improve boiler thermal efficiency?

 News     |      2023-07-31 17:40
Boilers improve thermal efficiency in 4 ways:

1. Eliminate the heat loss of the furnace: natural gas boilers before ignition, the boiler must be purged of the furnace chamber for about 30 seconds, the purpose is to let the combustible gases in the furnace chamber blow clean, so that part of the heat in the chamber is consumed. The burner adopts a proportional adjustment design, which is better integrated into the load change, so as to avoid frequent start and stop, taking away much of the heat generated in the furnace chamber.
2. Eliminate incomplete combustion heat loss: adjust the combustion state of the gas burner to avoid the production of carbon monoxide, so that the combustion efficiency is close to 100 percent.
3. Optimize the heat loss of the exhaust system by adding a flue gas energy saver, or condenser, to reduce the exhaust temperature. For every 10 degrees reduction in exhaust temperature, the boiler combustion efficiency is increased by 1%, and the exhaust temperature of most industrial boilers is over 150 degrees, adding a condenser can reduce the exhaust temperature to below 80 degrees.
4. Optimize the discharge heat loss. Steam industrial boilers, heat will be discharged from the system with the discharge of hot water resulting in a waste of efficiency, to use qualified soft water, reduce the amount of discharge, if there are conditions, you can recover the heat of the discharge for the boiler feed water preheating.
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