The use process of low nitrogen burner

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A low-nitrogen burner is a general term for a device that mixes a spray of fuel and air in a certain way.Most of them are made of corrosion-resistant and high-temperature resistant materials such as stainless steel or metal titanium.The role of the low-nitrogen burner is to atomize the sample through flame combustion.The atomized test solution enters a low nitrogen burner.Under the action of flame temperature and flame atmosphere,through drying,melting,evaporation,dissociation and other processes,a large number of ground state atoms,as well as some excited state atoms,ions and molecules are generated.A well-designed low-nitrogen burner should have high atomization efficiency,low noise and stable flame performance to ensure high absorption sensitivity and measurement accuracy.Let's take a look at how to use a low-nitrogen burner.
The use process of low nitrogen burner

The use process of low nitrogen burner
1.Press the master ignition button on the combustion control panel.After the main fire work indicator is on for 10 seconds,confirm that the main fire has been lit.If the main fire alarm indicator goes out within 10 seconds,the combustion fault alarm buzzer on the combustion control panel will sound to indicate the ignition failure;after 60 seconds,manually press the fault reset button of the programmer to restart the main ignition button.
2.After the main fire is ignited normally,the operator confirms whether the main fire is ignited through the observation hole of the low nitrogen burner.Once confirmed,press the high fire start button on the low nitrogen burner control panel.After a delay of a few seconds,after the fire work indicator is on,the operator in front of the furnace should slowly open the load regulating ball valve and increase the gas auxiliary air proportionally until the flame is mainly blue and red.
3.After the fire is ignited stably,check whether the air supply pressure of the main circuit is within the normal range.
4.The fan starts and enters the pre-blowing stage.Check that the low nitrogen burner is in normal condition.
5.Observe the gas and air pressure indications to confirm whether the low-nitrogen burner operation permit instructions are given.
6.Press the combustion control button on the combustion control panel,at this time the combustion control device enters the combustion start-up procedure.
7.The task of the next shooting has been completed.The operator should turn off the main fire button on the low nitrogen burner panel in time,cut off the main fire and keep the fire source burning.
8.During the combustion process,the operator can adjust the flame size at any time according to the process requirements.When the process needs to turn off the fire for a short time,the operator should first turn on the main fire switch,keep the main fire,and then turn off the main fire switch.
9.The air valve and air valve operating handle can be adjusted in sections to ensure that the load output of the low nitrogen burner meets the process requirements.
10.Shutdown operation:temporarily shut down,first turn off the fire,then turn off the combustion control switch,and then turn off the stop button.