The correct maintenance method of industrial large-scale burners

 News     |      2021-11-04 09:24
The correct maintenance method of industrial large-scale burners
Large-scale burners are relatively common equipment in many industrial fields, and can provide sufficient heat sources for boilers, kilns, dryers, incinerators and other equipment. However, if users want to use it for a longer period of time, in addition to daily simple maintenance in daily use, it is necessary to do regular maintenance work.
Industrial large-scale burners need to be cleaned with light diesel after a period of use. What needs to be paid attention to during the cleaning process is to clean the fuel tank and the oil filter. And under normal use, change the nozzle once a year. If it is a year, it is necessary to replace its elastic coupling and the rubber parts on the coupling. These are some very important parts, but also an important part of the actual equipment. If it is not replaced in time, it is easy to cause damage to the equipment. And the original effect will not be achieved in the application process.
Don’t you think it’s not important. If you don’t do regular maintenance well, it will shorten its lifespan. In addition, when our industrial large-scale burners have been used for a period of time, we need to pay attention to strictly prohibit some foreign objects from entering the air duct, otherwise it will block the machine. In addition, the site should be kept away from flammable and explosive materials, and fire extinguishing equipment should be provided.
The operator also needs to adjust the oil pressure appropriately according to the oil pressure indication value. The combustion cylinder, impeller, flame detector and ignition electrode in it must be checked regularly. These are also very important parts and cannot be ignored during the operation inspection. In addition to these places, oil pollution and carbon deposits need to be removed.

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