Industrial boiler burner selection points

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Industrial burners are commonly known as industrial burners. There are many types and specifications of burners, and they are widely used. Burners are required in industrial occasions where fuel needs to be burned to heat materials or reactions. Let's take a look at the key points of industrial boiler burner selection?
Industrial boiler burner selection points
Industrial boiler burner selection points:
1. Select the burner type according to the fuel type, adjustment method and control function;
2. Determine the fuel quantity according to the boiler power, thermal efficiency and fuel calorific value;
3. According to the fuel amount (burner output power), the back pressure of the furnace, the burner model is determined according to the power and back pressure curve;
4. The industrial boiler burner should consider whether the flame shape can meet the furnace size;
5. Consider whether the combustion performance and control function can meet the requirements;
6. Consider relevant improvement plans according to fuel, kiln and special needs of customers.
Industrial boiler burner selection basis:
1. Boiler parameters: power, thermal efficiency, furnace back pressure, furnace size;
2. Fuel parameters: variety, calorific value, pressure, viscosity, temperature, composition, etc.;
3. Use environment: ambient temperature, altitude;
4. Performance requirements: control function.
5. Other special requirements.
The above is the content of the selection points of industrial boiler burners. If there is anything else you want to know, you can continue to pay attention to BNTET burners~

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