How do industrial gas burners ignite?

 News     |      2022-08-25 14:07
Gas burners are widely used burners, usually used in boilers, ovens, heating furnaces, drying equipment, hot blast stoves and so on. But do you know how an industrial gas burner ignites? Let's see what is the ignition process of the boiler gas burner?
How do industrial gas burners ignite?
Ignition process of industrial gas burner:
1. Purge
Blowing is to open the damper (the fixed damper itself is open, the first-level automatic damper will automatically open, and the multi-level automatic damper will open to the damper or other openings). All flammable and explosive gases are blown out and replaced with fresh air to avoid deflagration and explosion accidents when electric ignition occurs later.
In general, the purging time is 15-30 seconds, if it is a high-power machine, the time will be longer. However, the burner is generally not very powerful, and the high power is also required to be composed of multiple low-power burners, all for the purpose of explosion-proof or to minimize the possibility.
2. Pre-ignition
Usually 2 seconds. When the throttle is opened to the ignition position of the small fire, it is only the spark ignition, and the gas valve does not open. Generally, this step is set for safety. At this time, the main machine also has a function to detect whether the ignition is normal. If it is not normal, the alarm will be locked;
Generally, if the air valve leaks, it will not be cleaned all the time. At this time, a fire may appear, and the flame detection system of the burner will find the flame that should not be there, and the gas burner will lock the alarm (this is not all programmable controllers). All have this function), even without this function, the risk of gas accumulation can be reduced if it can be ignited.
3. Ignition
Generally 3-5 seconds, called safe ignition time, is the main function of all program controllers.
During this time, the damper is at the low fire position, and the gas valve is opened (different valve opening methods are different, some open a small opening that can be lit and then slowly open to the set value, and when closed, it is immediately fully closed. ) the igniter keeps discharging the arc.
During this period, the gas must be lit. Only when it is lit can it enter the normal combustion and power adjustment stage. When it is lit, the igniter will stop working and no longer release the arc. If you can't click, the alarm will be locked immediately. It needs to be re-commissioned and then restarted manually.
The above is the entire ignition process of the industrial gas burner. Generally, as long as the ignition is on, it can be used normally. If you want to know more about industrial burners, please contact us~