How are gas burners classified?

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A burner is a general term for a device that makes fuel and air spray and mix(or mix and spray)in a certain way.Industrial burners are commonly known as burners,and there are many types,specifications and types,including fuel oil,gas(gas),and coal(pulverized coal/coal water slurry).The field of application is very wide,and burners are required in industrial occasions where fuel needs to be burned to heat materials or reactions.The burner,also known as the integrated burner,is mainly fuel oil and gas.
Natural gas burners
According to its working principle,a gas burner can be defined as a device that converts substances into heat by a chemical reaction of combustion—air and fuel are premixed and mixed in an appropriate proportion to make them fully combustion.The burner is a thermal energy installation that feeds fuel and air into the furnace according to the required concentration,velocity,turbulence and mixing mode,and enables the fuel to stably ignite and burn in the furnace.The fuel is mainly fuel oil and gas.It is generally used in small and medium oil or gas boilers.
Gas burners are divided into natural gas burners,city gas burners,etc.
According to the combustion control method of the burner,it is divided into:single-stage fire burner,double-stage fire burner,proportional conditioning burner.
According to the fuel atomization method,it is divided into:mechanical atomizing burner,medium atomizing burner;
According to the structure,it is divided into:integral burner and split burner.Among them,the split burner is mainly used in industrial production,and its main features are the combustion system,air supply system,control system and other homogeneous synthesis devices.This kind of machine is mainly suitable for large equipment or special working environments such as high temperature.

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