Features of heavy oil air atomization burner

 News     |      2021-09-28 15:17
Features of heavy oil air atomization burner
The heavy oil air atomization burner is a combustion device specially designed for heavy oil with high viscosity and poor atomization performance to improve the combustion performance of heavy oil. Its structure mainly includes a mixing chamber, a storage tank, and a valve. A layer of stainless steel bushing, a strong neodymium iron boron magnet is evenly distributed between the mixing chamber shell and the stainless steel bushing, a nozzle is connected to the top of the mixing chamber, and a connecting pipe with a one-way valve is set at the bottom or side of the mixing chamber shell The inlet connected to the oil storage tank and the gas storage tank, a connecting pipe with a valve is also set between the oil storage tank and the gas storage tank, and the gas storage tank is connected to the air compressor. It has the advantages of calorific value, fuel saving, high heat efficiency, reasonable structure, convenient use, safety, and wide application range.
Technical characteristics of heavy oil air atomizing burner:
1. The flame stabilizer is used to maintain a stable vortex circulation at the root of the flame and reduce the rotation of the internal air, so that the primary air volume can be reduced by half.
2. The flame holding hood is adopted to prevent the heavy oil entrained in the airflow from diverging arbitrarily to produce a brake-like effect. The flame shape is more reasonable, avoiding the high temperature of the kiln head and prolonging the service life of the kiln mouth guard iron.
3. The external clean air has an intermittent rectangular straight air jet, and it is changed to an annular gap jet after reaching the front of the burner. At the same time, the area of ​​the annular gap is increased to lengthen the flame and increase the average temperature in the kiln.