Describe in detail the common faults and treatment methods of boiler burners

 News     |      2021-11-09 11:09
Describe in detail the common faults and treatment methods of boiler burners
The burner is one of the main components of the boiler. Its quality determines whether the boiler can effectively use the heat after the fuel is burned to reach the rated output and can operate safely, reliably and economically. Its function is to ensure that the fuel and air can be fully mixed when entering the furnace, and ignite and burn stably in time.
However, any mechanical component will have some failures after working for a period of time. The boiler burner is no exception. What should we do if the gas oil boiler burner fails?

First, check whether the normal operation conditions of the burner are met:
Is the power supply normal? Is the fuel supply system normal? For example, is the gas pressure on the gas supply pipeline normal and whether the ball valve is open (gas burner)? Is there oil in the oil tank and is the valve on the oil supply and return pipeline open (oil burner)? Are the adjustment and interlock control of all regulators and controllers normal? Such as temperature regulator, water flow switch, water level switch, oil level switch, gas pressure switch, etc. Whether the amount of air and gas or fuel during combustion has been changed.
If it is determined that the failure of the gas oil boiler burner is not caused by the above reasons, the relevant functions of the burner must be checked and tested. The general method is to remove some interlocking controls, turn on the burner, and then accurately observe the following working process. According to the phenomenon, the problem can be quickly found and eliminated.