Similar Baltur Burners BN14L/LR single stage/double stage light oil burner

  Similar Baltur Burners     |      2023-11-06 15:36
light oil burner

Technical performance and structural characteristics

1. Light oil burner.
2. Single/dual segment operation (on/off).
3. Mechanical pressure atomization.
4. By adjusting the combustion air and the combustion head, the best combustion parameters can be obtained.
5. The atomizing device can be removed directly without removing the burner from the boiler, which is convenient for maintenance.
6. Double-stage hydraulic regulators are used to adjust the air flow of the first and second stages.
7. A flange and an insulating sealing ring are used to connect and fix the boiler.
8. Combustion air inlet with flow adjustment device.
9. The sliding flange paired with various boiler flanges can adjust the position where the burner extends into the boiler. 10. Adjustable combustion head with steel blower tube and flame disc.
11. The single-phase motor drives the fan and the oil pump.
12. Photoresistor detects flame.
13. The electrical protection level of the standard configuration is IP40.

The Data of Similar Baltur Burners BN14L/LR

light oil burner


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