BN-QEF-0.96 960kW proportional adjustment low nitrogen gas burner parameters

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low nitrogen burner

Technical performance and structural characteristics

1. Ultra-low nitrogen gas burner.
2. Digital burner management system, two-stage progressive/proportional operation.
3. The external circulation system of flue gas, which diffusely combines part of the flue gas with the auxiliary air, and then sends the whole 82 metric m of the combined auxiliary air L to reduce the temperature and oxygen concentration in the system to effectively resist NO. generate.
4. The burner emission is less than 30mg/Nm' when the necessary conditions are met.
5. By the automatic P.L.D adjuster, proportional control operation is possible. (Adjustment components ordered separately).
6. Multiple nozzles, distributed combustion, prevent flame
Too much concentration causes high oxidation reaction.
7. Independent stepper servo motor controls fuel separately
and air flow.
8. The three-phase motor drives the fan.
9. UV flame detector detects flame.
10. The electrical protection level of the standard configuration is IP40.

The Data of BN-QEF-0.96 960kW

low nitrogen burner


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