Eclipse RatioMatic Burner

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RatioMatic burner

ECLIPSE RatioAir is a high-quality air heating burner, which is very suitable for applications with the following requirements: ECLIPSE burner with matching fan.
High excess air and proportional adjustment.
Use unusual fuels (such as low calorific value fuels). Blast furnace temperature (up to 2500°F -1370°C). Limited combustion chamber.
The flame speed of the Tianshi RatioAir burner can be as high as 500 feet per second, and the temperature uniformity, product quality and system efficiency have been significantly improved. Tianshi RatioAir burners are easy to install, operate and maintain.
Matching fan.
High excess air and proportional adjustment.
The furnace temperature is high.
It can be disassembled from the rear without entering the combustion chamber.
Quick switching of spark and flame rod, optional quick switching air filter. Standard nozzles can burn natural gas, propane, butane and unusual fuels. Right-hand or left-hand pipe. Imported pipe thread with American thread or British thread. Type: Nozzle hybrid type
Size Variety: 9/11
Capacity range: 150,000-20,000,000 (Btu/hr)44-5860 (kW)
Turndown ratio: 30:1 Maximum process temperature:
1900°F, 1038C (TA)/2800°F, 1538°C (RA)
Low calorific value gas such as natural gas, propane, butane biogas


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