200,000 kcal air-cooled biomass burner

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Description of biomass burner:

Wood pellet burner adopt cheap and renewable biomass pellet as fuel and advanced gasification combustion technology. Wood pellet burner reasonable structure, automatic pellet feeding, high thermal efficiency, high combustion rate, no pollution and emission, easy to install and small space occupation. The operation cost of wood pellet burner is very low , which is just 30%-60% of oil or gas fired burner.

name200,000 kcal air-cooled biomass burner
cooling methodAir Cooling
Heat supply200,000 kcal
Maintenance frequency1year(Refractory Materials)
fuelBiomass pellets


Application of Wood Pellet Burner

Application rangeApplication device
BoilerSteam boiler, hot water boiler, oil boiler,hot air stove 
Surface treatmentSpray finishing, electroplate, electrophoresis
Heating and drying

Drying food, drying paper, drying coating, drying wood, drying

leather, drying ceramic 

Die-castingAnnealing furnace, aluminum melting furnace, billet furnace 

Advantage Feature of Wood Pellet Burner

①High efficient and energy conservation: biomass energy for fuel, lower cost than fuel (gas) 30-60% of the operation cost.

②High thermal efficiency: Adopt advanced gasification combustion system, low temperature burning section,more than 90% of the burning rate.

③Stable and reliable: micro positive pressure operation, not produce temper and take off fire phenomenon.

④Low carbon and environmental protection: carbon dioxide zero emissions, comply with the requirements of Europe

⑤Simple operation: adopt automatic feeding, a small amount of work.


How to Connect Wood Pellet Burner with Boiler



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