Philippines Boiler Exhibition

  News     |      2023-10-21 11:31

BNTET Burner participated in the Philippine Boiler Exhibition in October.

During the exhibition, many visitors were interested in burners and biolers. Relevant staff from Bona showed them the technical advantages and operation details of the products. Customers expressed that they would consider future cooperation and visit the factory in their spare time.


After the exhibition, we visited customers to check the on-site usage of the burner and further strengthen technical exchanges.


BNTET is a specialist burner manufacturer that builds and services unconventional burners for a variety of industries. We have very close cooperative relationships with domestic boiler manufacturers and can create the most suitable burners for various types of boilers. The types of burners produced by BNTET include: oil burners, gas burners, waste oil burners, rotary kiln burners, dual fuel burners, etc.


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