LMO series fuel burner controller

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LMO series fuel burner controller

Technical performance and structural characteristics:

Based on microprocessor-controlled forced ventilation intermittent oil burners.
LMO.../LMO24...less than 30Kg/h.
LMO...More than 0Kg/h, and used for fixed direct-fired air heaters.

Installation Precautions:

1. The controller unit and other cables must be installed separately from the high-voltage ignition cables.
2. Don't confuse the phase line and the neutral line.
3. The installation of switches, fuses, grounding, etc. must comply with local regulations.
4. It must be confirmed that the maximum current allowed by the terminal is not exceeded.
5. Do not connect the main power supply to the output terminal of the combustion controller.
6. Use an all-polar switch to isolate the combustion controller from the mains power supply, leaving at least a 3mm contact gap.
7. Use a metric screw and loose washer to protect the ground sleeve under the chassis.
8. Without using a fan, an AGK25 must be connected to the terminal 3 of the controller, otherwise the burner cannot be reliably started.


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