Rotary kiln burner installation project

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Basic information and technical parameters of rotary kiln

1. Rotary kiln specifications: φ2.5m (inner diameter 2.1m)*25m-φ2.0m (inner diameter 1.6m)*30m

2. Burner fuel types: light oil/heavy oil/natural gas/bran powder (carbon powder)

3. Fuel consumption: The following fuel consumption is adjusted from the minimum opening of more than 10% to the maximum usage control to meet different temperature control requirements.

Light oil: 10-200kg/h;

Heavy oil: 20-200kg/h;

Natural gas: 30-300m³/h; 

Bran powder (carbon powder): 0.1-1t/h;

4. Fuel characteristics:

Light oil calorific value: 8000-9800Kcal/kg; 

Heavy oil calorific value: 9600Kcal/kg;

Gas calorific value: 8500Kcal/m³; 

Bran powder calorific value: 3000Kcal/kg;

Rice husk powder specific gravity: 0.25-0.5t/m³, rice husk fineness 1mm, coal powder 200 mesh or more.

Control cabinet details:



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