Heavy oil burner heating 2t boiler

  Case     |      2024-01-12 09:41

In January 2024, we went to visit Philippine customers about the use of heavy oil burners. The customer is a food factory in Manila, Philippines. The heavy oil burner is mainly used to heat the factory's boiler.


Heavy oil burners can save energy by burning high-viscosity oil fuel. Although they are more expensive than conventional light oil burners, they are still very cost-effective for long-term use.


Heavy oil burners are expensive mainly for the 3 reasons:

1. The heavy oil burner is equipped with a special heating oil tank, which is more conducive to the full combustion of heavy oil fuel.

2. Special LPG ignition equipment. Because heavy oil is not easy to ignite, LPG is needed to ignite sparks.

3. There is special atomization equipment to turn the oil into a smaller mist, allowing the fuel to be fully burned.


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