Similar Baltur Burners BN 85P 130kW single stage/two stage progressive gas burner

 Similar Baltur Burners     |      2022-05-30 15:31
gas burner
Technical performance and structural characteristics
1. One-stage/two-stage fire progressive operation (on/off).
2. The emission reaches the European standard CLASS II.
3. Air and gas are mixed in the combustion head.
4. By adjusting the combustion air and the combustion head, the optimal combustion parameters can be obtained.
5. Through the automatic P.1.D regulator, the proportional adjustment operation can be performed. (Order separately with adjustment kit).
6. The progressive proportional type adopts servo motor to adjust the air flow.
7. The hinge connection allows maintenance of the burner without removing the burner.
8. Air pressure switch to ensure there is combustion air
9. The three-phase motor drives the fan.
10. The ionization electrode detects the flame.
11. The electrical protection level of the standard configuration is IP55.
gas burner


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