Regenerative burner

 Regenerative Burner     |      2021-02-25 14:52
Regenerative burner
Regenerative burner:
       Regenerative combustion technology (HTAC) is a new concept combustion technology that organically combines the recovery of flue gas waste heat with high-efficiency combustion and reduction of NOx emissions,thereby achieving the dual purpose of extreme energy saving and extreme reduction of NOx emissions. The regenerative burner developed by our company is composed of two gas spray guns, two combustion channels, two regenerators and a four-way reversing valve, as well as related electromagnetic valves and control systems. Regenerative burner is suitable for the combustion of low calorific value blast furnace gas, producer gas, coke oven gas and other fuels. It has been widely used in steel rolling furnaces, heat treatment furnaces, ladle roasters, etc.!
Performance characteristics:
       1. High thermal efficiency, low fuel consumption and high waste heat recovery rate. Compared with the traditional combustion system, the energy-saving effect is particularly obvious. Its energy-saving rate reaches 30%, and the exhaust gas temperature can be reduced to 500℃ or more.Below 200°C.
       2. By organizing oxygen-lean combustion, the flame combustion area is expanded, and the flame boundary is almost extended to the furnace boundary, so that the temperature distribution in the furnace is uniform, and the NOx emission in the flue gas can be reduced by more than 40%.
       3. The temperature in the furnace is high, and it is strongly scoured by the circulating hot air flow. The heat transfer is large, the heating speed is fast, the temperature rises quickly and the baking time is short.
       4. Regenerative burner can be equipped with ignition and monitoring devices to realize fully automatic operation.
       5. It can be applied to the combustion of various fuels such as blast furnace gas, producer gas, coke oven gas, and natural gas.
       6. It has strong adaptability and can be used in various industrial furnaces, kilns and pots with different technological requirements.
       7. According to the different requirements of users, various burners with different specifications and different fuels can be designed and manufactured.

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