Gas High-speed burner

 Other Burners     |      2021-07-06 11:12
Gas High-speed burner
Gas high speed temperature burner:
◇Combustion method: air and gas are mixed through the nozzle and burned
◇ Calorific value: 150'000 btu/hr ~ 20'000'000 btu/hr
◇Size to fire ratio: 50:1
◇Maximum application temperature: 815oC~1300oC (alloy tube, silicon carbide tube or refractory brick can be selected)
◇Fuel: natural gas, propane, butane
◇Application: Tempering furnace, hardening furnace, fluid bed furnace, thermal oxidation furnace, zinc/aluminum metal melting furnace, small glass furnace, trolley furnace, environmental protection industry, preheated air can be used
The hot gas flow generated by the high-speed flame makes the combustion more thorough, and the temperature uniformity ensures consistent product quality and system efficiency.
Large turndown ratio under high excess air. The wide tuning ratio range and high excess air mean that high speed and high efficiency can be achieved within the operating range.
Reliable ignition. It can help customers to ignite anywhere within the ignition range without auxiliary ignition settings.