Blast Furnace Coal Gas Burner

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BNGC Series Blast Furnace Coal Gas Burner:

BNGC Series bf gas burners are designed and manufactured according to the combustion characteristics of bf gas and the relevant international and domestic standards. They can be widely used in steam boilers, hot water boilers and other industrial furnaces.

BNGC Series of bf gas burners gas valve sets, programmed controllers, damper actuators and other famous brands are used to ensure excellent burner performance, safety performance and reliable operation.


Features of Our Blast Furnace Coal Gas Burners For Industrial Furnace And 1 To 25 Ton Boilers:  
In view of the characteristics of low calorific value, difficult ignition, easy deignition and slow reaction speed of blast furnace gas, the design and manufacture of the blast furnace gas burner adopts the three-stage combustion mode, namely, the three-stage combustion of high-calorific value fuel is ignited first(Such as natural gas, liquefied gas)And as a part of the constant open fire ignition gas(Auxiliary gas)The main coal gas is ignited after stable combustion. The inner part of the burner is arranged with a heat-resistant stable combustion chamber. The gas and air are mixed in the circular slit with swirl vane and then spurted out for combustion, ensuring combustion stability and sufficiency.
Adaptive fuel: 600kcal/Nm3≤Gas calorific value<1100kcal/Nm3.
According to the requirements of the corresponding parts of the transformation can be adapted 250℃ below high temperature combustion air.

Model Maximum Output Control Mode Blower Power Match the Boiler
KW 104xkcal/h KW T/h
BNGC 70 850 73 Sliding two-stage or modulating control 2.2 1
BNGC 140 1700 146 4 2
BNGC 280-1 2550 219 5.5 3
BNGC 280 3400 292 7.5 4
BNGC 420 5100 439 11 6
BNGC 560 6800 585 15 8
BNGC 700 8500 731 22 10
BNGC 1050 12750 1096 30 15
BNGC 1400 17000 1462 45 20
BNGC 1750 21250 1827 55 25


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